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How to refill your Lexmark CS310dn, CS410dn, CS410dnw, CS410dtnw or CS510dew cartridge

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Key benefits:

  • Delay or avoid buying new cartridges: re-use the "starter" cartridges that arrived with your new printer
  • Refilling is roughly half the price of equivalent high capacity Lexmark original cartridges (70C20HK0, 70C20HC0, 70C20HM0 and 70C20HY0)
  • Seamlessly refill starter cartridges, standard capacity cartridges and high capacity cartridges: they come out high capacity
  • 10,667 test prints can't be wrong. Learn how we did it, not how someone imagines it could be done

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Use our method for any of this family of printers ...

  • CS310n, CS310dn
  • CS410n, CS410dn, CS410nw, CS410dnw, CS410dtn, CS410dtnw
  • CS510de, CS510dew, CS510dte

Note: not suitable for refilling the "extra high capacity" cartridges - product codes 70C2XK0, 70C2XC0, 70C2XM0 and 70C2XY0 - that can be used in the CS510 series.