ML-2950 refill bottle

For use with:
ML-2950 / ML-2955DW / ML-2951
ML-ML-2540 / ML-2545
SCX-4728FD / 4729FW

Bottle of toner with pouring spout.

You probably need this if you've already refilled a cartridge with our ML-2950 starter kit (sold separately). Now you just need more toner.

In our experience (11,141 pages printed with our ML-2955DW) you also need a compatible chip to get a meaningful refill of the ML-2950 cartridge.
However, chips are sold separately to accommodate user flexibility and the possibility of work-arounds being discovered in the future.

You get ....

bottle of toner
NO-MESS pouring spout

£ 9.00 ex VAT

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