Samsung ML-1665 toner refill kit

This dedicated starter kit shows you how to refill your ML-1665 type cartridge. And get it right. First time.

  • Shows you how we did it: not how we imagine it could be done
  • Shows how to refill the "starter cartridge" that arrived with your new machine as well as the original cartridges you subsequently buy (or perhaps don't now?)
  • Includes a compatible chip and explains exactly when and how to use it
  • Backed up by 4 actual refills successfully done by us on our own ML-1665
D1042S toner refill kit

This refill's an "unplug & pour" once you've got the end plate off.

You'll also need a small amount of your own bathroom sealant or soft=setting glue like Copydex.

Use for: ML-1660, ML-1665, ML-1670, ML-1860, ML-1865, ML-1865W and SCX-3200, SCX-3205, SCX-3205W SCX-3217
Refill Samsung original part numbers MLT-D1042S and the cartridge included with the new machine.

You get ....

toner bottle, pouring spout, chip, photographic instructions

Note: you need to have a DIY hand drill and fit it with a 6mm (approx.) HSS bit

Note: You'll need your own small amount of bathroom sealant or soft-setting glue like Copydex.

£ 14.69 ex VAT

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