Samsung ML-1510 / 1710 / 1750 refill bottle

ML-1510 ML-1710 toner refill bottle

Which company, on 31st July 2002, released the world's first unplug & pour refill bottle for a Samsung ML series laser printer? The same company that released the world's first HP LaserJet do-it-yourself refill kit in 1992. The same company that invented "melt & pour" for refilling single-skinned toner cartridges in 1996. You can probably see where we're going with this ....... we're guilty as charged.

The innovation triggered a Coca-Cola style imitation-brand scramble. Hang on a minute, weren't they ink-jet "specialists" last time we looked?

No ink-jet refills on our site. If you want the real thing from the real people, this is the one for you. You could say the "Classic Coke" of refill toners - but then again, that does sound silly. And, oh no, here come Coca-Cola's lawyers with the copyright action .......

Prise the original plug out with a screw driver. Pour the toner in. Pop the new orange plug in. Finished. It did take us a couple of years to come up with such refinements as a spout and a plug, but hey, that's the world of high tech innovation for you.

You get ....

bottle of toner
NO-MESS pouring spout
replacement cartridge plug

£ 9.95 ex VAT

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