OKI C8600n / C8600dn / C8600cdtn Starter Kit OKI C8800n / C8800dn / C8800cdtn / C8800hn Starter Kit

We get the bugs out and work around the quirks so you don't have to. This dedicated starter kit gives you everything you need to refill the colour of your choice. And get it right first time.

Once you know how to do one, you know how to do them all. So don't buy all four starter kits. Just choose your starter kit in the colour you want to refill first: it arrives with that colour toner in it.

Essentially, this refill's just an "unplug & pour", with the extra step of slotting in a new chip. Easy-peasy.

Unusually for OKI laser printers, the so-called "starter cartridges" that arrive with a new machine can be refilled: if you know how. It's all explained in this Starter Kit.

You get ....

Everything you need for your first successful refill of the OKI C8600 / C8800 cartridge of your choice.

Colour: black
£ 23.00 ex VAT

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