TN-2000 toner bottle

You'll probably want one of these if you've already had the experience of refilling your cartridge with one of our starter kits. You know how to do it, you just need need more toner.

Our pedigree in DIY toner refill bottles starts in 1992 when we invented the whole concept. That was the year our HP LaserJet 2 refill kit escaped into an unsuspecting world.

You could say the "Classic Coke" of refill toners - but then again, that does sound silly. And, oh no, here come Coca-Cola's lawyers with the copyright action .......

We improved on our original funnel idea of 1992 with today's NO-MESS pouring spout, seen right. We send out at least one NO-MESS spout with any order for a toner bottle or bottles.

You get ....

bottle of toner
NO-MESS pouring spout
may include proprietary elements specific to your cartridge if needed for a successful refill (the machine's starter kit explains about these if they're necessary).

£ 9.80 ex VAT

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