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Brother HL-3150cdw cyan TN-245C cartridge £61 ex VAT

Toner refill bottle £14 ex VAT

Print for a third of the price

Typically, you can expect to print for around one third of the original cartridge price. For some printers (case in point, Lexmark) you're looking at more like half the cost. Why the limitation on thrift? In a word, "killer chips". OK, that was two words, but where the printer forces the use of micro-chips: refilling costs go up.

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UK suffers scandalous prices for colour toner

trouserless UK businessman "I bought a colour laser printer for my small business"

"A set of new cartridges costs more than the printer did." Urban myth? Or fact of printing life?

See for yourself. Google the price of the Brother HL-3150cdw laser printer. I did on 21/10/2018 and the first result I clicked on was 108 quid + VAT (from

The best price I could find for all four original cartridges on the same day was £221.34 + VAT (For the TN-241BK/TN-245C-M-Y multipack).

£108 for the printer versus £221 for even the low capacity cartridges for it. No. That is not a typo.

Meanwhile, meticulous research by U Refill Toner shows that 8 out of 10 cats actually prefer their toner to cost less than their printer. No surprises there, then.

You save money with the UK professionals

If you're going to refill your toner cartridge, you want to know that someone's tested that possibility first, right? Preferably several times, so all the bugs are out of it?

In short, you want success on a plate: first time. See how far we're prepared to go to give you a positive refill experience in this video of us refilling the Brother HL-L8250

U Refill Toner Ltd test lab Everyone "guarantees" it. Only professionals will test it for you

From: Holly
Sent: 26/10/2018 19:19
... couldn't believe how quickly the starter cartridges got used up ... ordered the black starter kit and the rainbow kit ... it arrived in less than 24 hours. We have just reloaded the black and it is working a treat ... thanks a million I can't wait til it genuinely runs out and I can get my tool hot and my plugs primed! Superb!!!!

From: Jill G
Sent: 02/06/2018, 11:57
I've just signed up to Trustpilot specifically to give your company a 5-star review: you definitely deserve a gold apple-corer award for your services to small businesses. I've been using your melt-and-pour system for years, and more recently your 'cog and spring' reset fix for the 'toner low' error message on my colour Brother machine; I have just doctored all 4 cartridges in this way and yay, error messages gone and the machine is printing away. Heartfelt thanks!

From: Mike
Sent: 23/05/2018, 16:40
Just to say thanks a million for the excellent product and great tuition video. When deciding which laser printer to purchase I chose the Brother MFC based entirely on your recommendation as to it's ease of re-filling. A year later and I've just fitted my first missing wheel and spring to the black toner cartridge. Sweet as!

From: Rod, Telespeed
Sent: 23/12/2017, 11:22
Hi Chaps. Just a word of thanks. Got your full refill kit for the Brother HL-L8260dpw. Followed the destructions printed: worked like a charm. Everything printing off full quality, no probs. Saving us a fortune.

From: Mel, Cardinal Solutions
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2017 9:52 AM
Just refilled yet another cartridge and I can only say your system works as well as the screwfix site which to me is a benchmark for user friendly and customer focused service. It took no time at all to identify my printer and order what I needed.
regards Mel

From: Vince, The Workbug Co Ltd
Sent: 08 March 2016 18:21
I would just like to thank you for your excellent product and step-by-step instructions. I bought a kit from you for my Brother HL-3150CDW some time ago. I have installed the reset wheels and reset all of the cartridges over time and only now have had to do a melt-and-pour. It worked perfectly and I am a happy man.

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